This photo represents Fear. It is supposed to show how one is scared of the weight of the world falling on them.


Where Does Creativity Come From?

Creativity is something that is an evolution over time. Everyone’s creativity comes from something or things that they have seen over time. No matter what we create, the vast majority of the credit belongs to those who created before us. I say this because creativity is a remix of things from the past. A lot of people study the works of others for motivation and ideas. I like to read stories, or look at photography in order to be more creative. I can learn a lot from someone’s words, or from a moment captured in time.

I enjoyed reading the article, it really makes you think about the future. I do believe the generations of kids now days lack major creativity. They are lazy and want to be given ideas instead of coming up with their own. And then the ones they say are creative or have talent really don’t. For example, music artist now days lack real talent and creativity. Music has really gone down hill since the 2000’s.

I come from a family of artist so I was raised around art. My mother and father did art for fun, but my Aunt and Uncle have actual careers as artist. They create paintings, wood carvings, sculptures, and many more things. Every time I would go over to their house I would see their art everywhere. The art looked glorious on display. It really inspired me to try harder at being creative.

Since I can remember I have always thought differently than others. My mind thinks of darkness and sadness as emotionally beautiful things. All of my stories, art, and photography portray darkness and sadness in some way.


A podcast is a multimedia digital file made available on the internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.

To create a Podcast you should first pick what kind of category you want to do. Some do it to promote there comedy career or there band. Others do it just so they can talk about random topics with friends and have others listen in.

Next you should Install and configure PowerPress, then set up your podcast feed, then Analytics, then prepare Artwork and submit to iTunes.

I listened to a couple of Podcast. One was called New Yorker Out Loud. Its a podcast that gives you the “need to know” information from some of the best New Yorker articles. It was pretty good to listen to since I cant read the New Yorker myself. It goes over good topics and gives you good tips on things.

Radiolab is also another very interesting podcast. It explores the intersection of science and philosophy. It only puts out five one hour episodes a year though along with ten shorts. 

Another is called The American Life. It is a weekly examination of the big and small stories that collectively define America. It is told in a journalism and documentary way and is free to listen to.

Podcast can be listen to on your mp3 player, on your computer, or anywhere else you desire. They get downloaded over the internet and are just simple RSS feeds. The most popular place to have podcast is iTunes. Some of theres can be downloaded for free and some do require a payment. To me podcast is an easier way to do a tv show or a radio show. It gives people the chance to play those roles in a much cheaper and easier way. One podcast called the B.S. Report is said to be the most popular podcast out there. The podcast is of ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, who gets on the phone a few times a week and just talks sports with his friends. There is no script and no rules. Its just friends talking with friends about sports. I think a lot of people enjoy listeing to his podcast because its real talk, compaired to the restricted conversations on ESPN. Another good podcast that seems to be popular is called The Moth. It is a collection of people telling their own, interesting stories. It is usually a live show of people telling their stories without notes. It is recorded and then put into podcast form so people can listen to others personal stories. A lot of people listen to this podcast because some of the stories told they can relate to. Its also just very interesting to hear about others experiences in life. Someone who has become famous off of there podcast is Adam Carolla. His podcast The Adam Carolla Show is the #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World. All he does is share his thoughts on random things. He also has guest on his show who join in on the fun. He does the podcast 5 days a week and it is completely uncensored. Before I had to do this assignment I was never into Podcast. But after doing some research, I found that there are some really interesting podcast out there I could see myself getting into. I believe podcast will be around for quit awhile. People seem to love listening to them, and making them.

Daily Create

Write an epic ode to an underappreciated object (coffee cup, toilet set, bookshelf, etc.)


Black Eyeliner

When I put you on I feel beautiful
Without your touch I look simply dreadful,
You darken my world in the greatest of ways
When you outline my eyes its hard not to gaze,
I may wear to much of you for others taste
But without you id feel so misplaced.